As an avid player of slots at both land based premises and online casinos, I have always enjoyed spinning the reels on various games over the years.

When I first played a Megaways™ slot back in 2016 I couldn't believe how exciting these new games were, and the general consensus among players was that these games had the potential of changing the landscape of slots as we know them.

Fast forward to 2019 and the making of this website, and we have seen these style of slots increase in popularity ten fold, furthermore Big Time Gaming have licensed the Megaways™ pay system out to multiple slot developers, so it made sense to compile a site strictly dedicated to these celebrated slots.


You'd be right in thinking that there are literally 100s of review sites out there all with information about the Megaways™ slots, so why read and trust mine?

I have played all of the slots that are reviewed on this site, and have spent countless hours spinning the reels on them. This has given me the experience to write accurately about them and deliver the best information on the internet to people who come across this site and have an interest in this style of slot. 


Absolutely! I have played at countless online casinos over the years, and this has once again given me the experiences and insights in to what makes a great casino. All of the brands featured here at Megaways-slots.co.uk have been played at by myself with real money deposits. 


My love for slots began by growing up in a seaside town in the 80s and 90s, the British seaside towns were booming and part and parcel of this was amusement arcades galore. As well as playing plenty of video games the slots were always an attraction, and at the time I was spinning the reels for just 2p with the sight of a flashing £1 jackpot in mind.

Growing up lead to several jobs within this amusement industry, and at one stage I was managing one of the biggest holiday park amusement arcades in the country. In this position I got to learn a lot about the industry and my knowledge of the slots also increased as I had to deal with the category B3 machines daily, as well as hi and lo tech fruits.

I still continue to manage an arcade, but one that is a little nicer on the stress levels and that allows me to take more time off than previously.

My love for slots continues, and playing online was always going to be a natural progression. As I said earlier the introduction of the Megaways™ slots has reignited an excitement of playing again, and it's always great to see what new technology and advancements in slot play awaits us.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to gamble responsibly when playing online or in a land based premises. All of my gambling is done so within my means, and I encourage you all to do the same. If you have any issues there are links in the footer of this website that can get you help with your gambling. 


I always try to do my best with everything I attempt, and my goal is to make this the go to place on the internet for all things Megaways™ slots related. I really hope you enjoy the content and get as much fun out of this website as I do creating the content.

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